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Men's Challenge Ladder

  • I• Men’s Singles Challenge Ladder: Players will be put on a Ladder organized by level of play and can challenge any player that is 5 spots ahead of their position. If the challenging player (player that is lower) wins, they will take the position of the player they beat, while the challenged player (player that is higher) will move down one spot from where they were. Matches can be played at any time, on any surface, and indoors/outdoors depending on what is decided between the two players. The Ladder will be sent out at the beginning of the session with the positions and contact information for every player. Sumeet will update the Challenge Ladder with every match reported to him. Prizes will be given out to the players that have the most amount of challenges, the most wins, and the most amount of times a spot is defended. If you would like to be on the Singles Challenge Ladder, please let Sumeet know. He will need your level of play.