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Name: Leroy Sam Title: Trainer
Department: Wellness Email: lsam@tbarmtennis.com
  Phone: 972-233-4444

Leroy Sam has a Master's of Science Degree in Sports Medicine with an emphasis in Athletic Training. He is a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) and state Licensed Athletic Trainer (LAT) through the National Board of Certification (BOC) and the Department of Health for the State of Texas (DSHS) respectively. As a recognized healthcare provider by the American Medical Association (AMA), Leroy collaborates with physicians, physical therapist, chiropractors and other health care providers to optimize activity and return to work or sport of patients and athletes. The profession of an athletic trainer encompasses the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and intervention of first aid and emergency care of acute and chronic medical conditions involving muscular imbalances, functional movement limitations and pain control. Leroy is also a certified personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and certified flexibility therapist and utilizes his expertise in the different fields of study to address clients' specific needs. Over the last 13 years, Leroy has worked with a variety of healthcare professionals and understands the importance of having a referral system and fostering healthy relationships with other healthcare providers. He has worked with middle school, high school, and Division I collegiate athletes with various upper and lower body acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. He has worked with professional tennis players, baseball players, football players, elite runners and equestrian riders as personal clients or in a sports medicine clinic. Along the way he has acquired industry leading techniques like Active Release Technique (ART) and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) which are used by athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, ATP/WTA, FIFA and triathletes to name a few sports. Based on his diverse background he utilizes a holistic approach to treatment, rehabilitation and integration of exercise with his clients. This assessment approach focus on improving joint stability, tissue extensibility, and improved movement quality which helps decrease dysfunctional movement and pain. Leroy understands that each of us has a specific set of skills, but how collectively it is beneficial to the patients and the organization to provide the highest quality of service.