Athletic Center

Our Athletic Center specializes in focused training components in speed, agility, strength, explosion, flexibility, and more. Our mission is to provide specialized services to enhance athletic development, restoring health, and increasing vitality.

Whether your goals are to improve muscular and cardiovascular endurance or weight loss, our strength and conditioning coaches believe in a professional and positive environment to help others achieve and maintain optimal health. Our fitness program offers various personal training and fitness assessments. The workout room includes Body Masters equipment, free weights, treadmills, recumbent bikes, stair-stepping machines, and elliptical machines.

Junior Fitness Programs

One facet of the Junior Program that allows our athletes to compete at such a high level is a strong Athletic Development program under our strength and conditioning coaches' supervision. There is a common misconception that resistance training can harm the growth of younger athletes. On the contrary, a comprehensive strength curriculum helps promote muscular strength and supports joints during growth.