Our Tennis Programs

We have a wide variety of options for adult players that includes private and group instruction, tennis clinics, our beginner programs, challenge ladders, tennis associations and tournaments.

Agritelley Inc

Adult Programs


We offer Adult Clinics for beginners to tournament level players, where you will be mentally and physically challenged in every workout. Every clinic has a minimum/maximum skill level to ensure that each player has a great time. It’s is a great avenue to meet and compete with other fellow members.

Tennis 101

This program is offered to beginners and advanced beginners; We will guarantee great instruction, strategy building drills, and fundamentals of playing the game.

Men's Challenge Ladder

The men's challenge ladder is designed to bring adult tennis players together for competitive, fun, singles match play. The goal of this initiative is to challenge and improve your ranking on the ladder.

Women's Tennis Association

The Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is a well-established group for our women members. The WTA organizes indoor weekday tennis leagues, so you never have to leave the club to get fun or competitive match.

Tennis Competitors of Dallas

It is an interclub competitive tennis league played all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. TCD has three different divisions of play, which include

  • TCD Women’s
  • Love 50
  • TCD Mixed Doubles

Social Tennis

TBarM hosts multiple social tennis events throughout the year for both men and women, including Thirsty Thursday Co-Ed Mixer, Beer & Buds, 105 Nights, and interclub socials as well as member-guest events such as our annual Davis Cup tennis/pickleball/padel event.

Member Court Fees

1. Court Fees. These fees are reflective of current court booking fees and subject to change:
  a.  Indoor Tennis / Pickelball Court
     i. Fifteen (15) minutes $15; sixty (60) minutes $30; ninety (90) minutes $45, plus applicable tax
    ii. No show fee of $10, plus applicable tax
  b.  Outdoor Tennis / Pickleball / Padel Court
    i. No fee to reserve a court
    ii. No show fee of $10, plus applicable tax
  c. An additional fee of $50 will be charged to the member for failure to register a guest.
  d. Social Members will be charged $120 for a private lesson and $70 for a clinic, plus indoor court fees as outlined above under Court Fees.

Future Stars

An entry into the sport of tennis for ages 3-5 to work on the fundamentals of tennis and hand-eye control

Red Ball

Red Ball is a fun program for ages 3-8 to learn the fundamentals of tennis and introduce them to concepts

Orange Ball

Challenge their technique through the introduction of rallying skills, point play strategy, and match play

Orange-Green Ball

This program is for children aged 10 & under; it is designed to begin each student’s pathway into the competitive world of tennis

Launch/Green Ball

This programs is for competitive player whose aim to play USTA events and beyond


A pathway for players who are ready for the next level and begin tournament play

Full-Time Academy

The fulltime academy is for players with aspirations of playing college and beyond